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A Brief Summary of the Guide

Dashboards – Where Are We?:

“Managing By the Numbers” requires timely and actionable financial information.  The opposite of no information is being drowned by reports and data you don’t have time to study.  Meet the happy median.  We set up weekly dashboards measuring your business’ KPI’s (key performance indicators).  The dashboard in your vehicle tells you how fast you’re moving, your remaining fuel, radiator temperature, battery charging, etc.  Much like the dashboard in your vehicle, your dashboard reports will give you critical data on how your business is running…

Stuck in 2nd Gear – The Evolution of a Growing Business:

You started your business because you are really good at something – sales, manufacturing, construction, etc. – and are highly profitable at it.  You built a business, hired a team over time and the business grew.  At some point, you began to notice some dysfunction in the organization.  The bigger the business became and the more employees you had, the worse the dysfunction became.  Breakdowns and bottlenecks that never appeared before are now everywhere it seems.  What happened?  You’re not trained in business…

Dead Fish Can Float Downstream:

Have you ever found your business in a position or circumstance that you never anticipated?  Have you ever noticed events that pushed your business in a different direction that you didn’t see coming?  Were you ever forced to pivot in ways you hadn’t thought probable or even possible due to some market altering event?  Have you ever experienced a sense of unease or uncertainty because the business environment seemed to be shifting under your feet?  Many small and medium sized business owners get so wrapped up in keeping their business going (working in it and for it vs. working on it)…

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