Step 3

Strategic Planning

Dead Fish Can Float Downstream:

Have you ever found your business in a position or circumstance that you never anticipated?  Have you ever noticed events that pushed your business in a different direction that you didn’t see coming?  Were you ever forced to pivot in ways you hadn’t thought probable or even possible due to some market altering event?  Have you ever experienced a sense of unease or uncertainty because the business environment seemed to be shifting under your feet?  Many small and medium sized business owners get so wrapped up in keeping their business going (working in it and for it vs. working on it) on a day-to-day basis they don’t examine the business landscape to see what’s coming.  It’s similar to navigating an iceberg field without looking for icebergs.  You’re going to hit something.  You just don’t see it coming.  This is what many small and medium sized businesses experience when they don’t practice strategic planning on a regular basis.  They’re buffeted about by external forces.  Sometimes they wind up downstream.  Sometimes they’re trapped or dashed on obstacles.

Captain Your Own Ship:

We help you establish a long-term strategic planning process so you can plot a course for your business.  We start with your anticipated exit date – when you plan to retire.  We help you crystalize how you want your business to look – size, locations, annual revenue and profitability, products and/or services offered, etc.  The long-range goal is broken down into intermediate  and shorter-term goals.  We make sure that your strategic planning team is on board with your vision and establish an environment that encourages their contribution.  We also set up recurring meetings, usually quarterly, to monitor and assess progress, update and adjust goals as needed and reassess the game plan as new paradigms present themselves over time.  The overall plan, all goals, responsibilities and milestones are documented.  All meetings are logged in the form of progress and updates, with completed goals noted by date.  You’ll expand your horizons and vision over time as you accomplish more and more of your goals.  The whole process over time shows the making of a masterpiece.  Your masterpiece.  The confidence and ambition that you’ll experience is extraordinary.  You’ll reignite the passion you had when you started the business with the confidence of an experienced pro.  What are you waiting for? Schedule a call or zoom meeting today.