President and CEO

    Cary Prejean, a native of Louisiana, is the founder of Strategic Business Advisors, LLC with over 35 years of experience as a CFO in industry and as a CFO consultant. His background includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a CPA license and he’s a certified ontological coach with Newfield Network.  He works with business owners to help them turn their business into what he’s labeled “the well-oiled machine” process.  

  1. Actionable financial data limiting the owner to one hour per week.
    • Weekly dashboards on cash management, and other critical KPI’s for corrective action in real time.
    • Detailed narrative of monthly financial statements with recommendations for improvement and strategic planning strategies.
  2. Elimination of dysfunction.  Get the business systems dependent rather than people dependent.  Pull the owner out of managing the minutiae.
  3. Install and embrace long range strategic planning as a regular process of designing the business into the future.

 Cary has coached thousands of people and helped hundreds of businesses throughout his career.

    He is a public speaker and hosted the “Financial Design Hour” on WJBO radio in Baton Rouge for several years.  He has also taught courses over an eight-year period in finance at Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Southeastern Louisiana University and Baton Rouge Community College. He also facilitated courses in the ontology of language for Education for Living Seminars, Inc. in south Louisiana, Iowa, and Tennessee for seven years. These courses were focused on personal growth and effectiveness and leadership and team building.

Our Mission

Most small to medium sized businesses are generally run by crisis management vs. “managing by the numbers.”  The typical day is one mini crisis to the next.  Whether it’s cash flow problems, production/shipping breakdowns, squabbling between managers, and other chronic breakdowns that lead to inconsistent and unsatisfactory results for you the owner.

This leaves you in a constant state of frustration and uneasily waiting for the next crisis while experiencing general dissatisfaction with your business and the time it requires of you and that’s just wrong.

  • It shouldn’t be this hard to manage your business.
  • It shouldn’t require so much of your time.
  • It shouldn’t be this hard for employees to handle most things without you.
  • It shouldn’t require that you must always get involved.

Let’s turn your business into a Well-Oiled Machine!

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